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Webinar #1 - Aug. 18, 2014| Webinar #2 - Sept. 11, 2014 | Webinar #3 - Oct. 9, 2014 | NACEB  Update Webinar - Aug. 25, 2014 | Webinar #4 - Nov. 7, 2014

RFI (NU Rural Futures Institute)
Rural Futures InstituteRural Futures Conference (May 2012)

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Centennial Promo Video - September 2014 (mp4) | Centennial Video (YouTube) | Centennial Video (MOV) | Centennial Video (MP4) | Centennial Logo (PNG) | Extension Centennial PosterCentennial Poster Template | Postcard Template | Bifold Template | PowerPoint TemplateNational Centennial Web Site | Centennial Ice Cream Order Form | Centennial Proclamation | Printable Posters and Displays

Eureka! 2015 ConferenceJoint NCEA/UNL Extension Fall Conference | District, Regional, and National Events | Front Door Forum

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Integrated Proposal Opportunities within NIFA | Integrated Proposals - Extension Program Self Assessment | Tool Open and Close Dates for NIFA Funding | All Integrated NIFA Funding Options | Funding for Small Business (SBIR/STTR) | Proposal Development Resources | White Paper Format | Quad Chart

CoP Clearinghouse Overviews| CoP Descriptions for Newsletter or Web site Use | Registering Users of eXtension | Faculty Registration to CoPs | Ask an Expert:  Getting Started Ask the Expert Guide Sheet | Developing FAQs - FAQ Cheat Sheet | Instructions to Add Events to eXtension Calendar | eXtension Web Site | 2009 National eXtension Conference Session Recordings | eXtension Learn (Professional Development Sessions) | Ask the Expert Training for Wranglers | Ask the Expert Training for Responders

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Extension Public Value | Extension Board Public Advocacy Workbook | Summary of All Extension Board Conversations | Sample Public Value Statements from Extension Boards | 2009 Extension Board Conversations|2006 & 2007 Extension Board Conversation Summaries | Extension Briefing Document

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4-H Council Financial Handbook | UNL Extension Office Financial Management FAQ's | Financial Management Forms | Financial Reference Guide FDF | Cash Handling Policies and ProceduresReturned Check Policy for County Extension OfficesGNBC Business & Travel Coordinator Staff List

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Adobe Connect |Educational Media | Extension TV Information Services(IS) | Technology Training | IS Computer Sales | IS Faculty & Staff Training | Listserv Management

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Husker Harvest Days Posters
Student Recruitment College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Prospective Students | College of Education and Human Sciences Prospective Students | UNL Office of Online & Distance Education


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Extension: Extension 2020 Notebook | Acronyms | Administrative StaffAwards/Applications | Fact sheet (PDF) | Intern Program | Job Opportunities | Keeping Up newsletter | Connect impact report | Educator Extra | Terms | Diversity and Inclusion | Electronic Extension Scholarship White Paper | Extension Board Certificate of Appreciation (PDF)
Other Faculty/Staff: ActivityInsight Resources | Demographics | IANR Finance & Personnel | UNL Human Resources | University of Nebraska Employee Benefits | Travel Information & Forms | Employee Expense Voucher | Visiting Personnel & Misc. Expense Voucher | Non Travel Expense Voucher

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Promotion and Tenure Considerations and Procedures | Faculty Guidelines | Faculty Involvement | IANR Policies & Procedures | Miscellaneous

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Accountability Report | ActivityInsights Resources | Action Plans and Signature Outcomes | Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models | Extension Accomplishments Reporting System (EARS) | How Do You Write A Good EARS Report? | Federal Report | 5 Spires FAQ's  | Logic Model |  Public Value StatementsTips and Tricks

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Core Competencies | Extension Board Member Training Resources | Travel Information & Forms | Inservice Calendar | Orientation for Extension Professionals | North Central NELD | 2011 NELD Overview | NELD Graduate Listing | Journal of Extension | Nebraska LEAD Program

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