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Guardianship / Conservatorship

grandfatherly person and young girl at the tableGuardianship and conservatorship offer the most restrictive types of decision making needed when individuals cannot make decisions for themselves. This includes individuals birth to death: elderly because of health conditions, and minors because of age.

Guardian / Conservator Training Classes

Fulfills Guardian/Conservator education requirements set by the Nebraska Probate Code. Classes are approved by Nebraska Supreme Court.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension offers Guardian/Conservator education classes in all judicial districts. This class provides detailed information for those serving as guardian or conservator. Most classes are co-taught by a volunteer attorney through the Nebraska State Bar Association who answers general legal questions. Please call local contact person at least two days ahead of date of training.

Registration fee is $30 cash/check payable to University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the class.

State coordinator is Extension Educator Eileen Krumbach
Ph: (402) 362-5508, ekrumbach1@unl.edu


2014 Guardian/Conservator Training Classes across Nebraska by County

2014 Guardian/Conservator Training Classes across Nebraska by Dates


2015 Guardian/Conservator Training Classes across Nebraska by County

2015 Guardian/Conservator Training Classes across Nebraska by Dates


Youth in Nebraska who are 18 and under are considered minors and therefore guardianship is required* (with some exceptions). There are different requirements depending upon the type of guardianship.

Less restrictive alternatives to full guardianship for decision making should be considered before a crisis hits.

Guardian / Conservator Responsibilities

What is guardianship?*

Responsibilities to the court*

Responsibilities to the ward*

Financial responsibilities*

*UNL Extension publications


Guardianships/Conservatorships Required Forms used in County Court - provided by Nebraska Supreme Court

UNL Extension Publications -- List of Guardianship NebGuides (in English and Spanish)

National eXtension also offers help and resources for caregivers and guardians.