Husker Harvest Days Backdrops / Posters

Beef (2012) | Child (2011) | Food (2010) | Crops (2009) | Water (2008)

Husker Harvest Days Backdrops / Posters Handout as seen at 2012 Fall Conference

Husker Harvest Days Inventory check out sheet

Backdrops and posters used at Husker Harvest Days are available for check out.  Contact Jo Reining to check availability.  These items are stored at Warehouse #2 on East Campus. 

Backdrop Size

Backdrops are large 8’ x 12’ or 19’ and come with a frame. Backdrops are available for all displays. (require pick up or trailer and two people to haul)

Trade Show Booth Size

Husker Harvest Days Trade Show Booth display choices

A select few displays have been modified to fit a trade show booth and are 8’ x 8’, also with a frame. (require back seat of a car)

Poster Size

Posters used at Husker Harvest Days are available for check out. The posters are 3' x 5' and are mounted on plexiglass, which means they are heavy. They come in a black carrying case and are paired with easels. Depending on availability, you may check out all or just a select few posters.


   Value-Added Use
   Seed Genetics



   Food Muscle
   Food Pharmacy
   Food Safe



   Water Drinking
   Water Soil
   Water Buffers


Beef – 2012

• Beefing up Nebraska’s economy – border to border.
• Beef quality and profitability is in the genes!
• What mom eats matters…for a lifetime.
• Half the land in Nebraska is range or pasture.
• Nebraska’s beef industry thrives by its stewardship.
• Nebraska: Nirvana for Feeding Cattle.
• There’s more than one E.coli.
• Beef education at the “head” of its class.
• Your future in animal science

Child-Youth – 2011 - (require back seat of a car)

• Ready. Set. Learn! T
• Energizing our next crop of scientists-and those who are teaching them.
• The unique role of teachers in rural communities.
• Bots are hot! T
• Building confidence in their community.
• Connecting the dots for Nebraska youth.
• Joining forces with the private sector.
• Igniting the entrepreneurial spark.
• CSI: Crop science investigation

Food – 2010

• Inside your gut lies a unique ecosystem.
• Matching your diet with your DNA.
• Discovering the natural pharmacy in Nebraska’s fields. P
• Taking a fresh look at every muscle in meat animals. T, P
• Food from thought.
• What makes food allergens allergenic?
• How we keep food safe. T, P
• Where does your food come from?
• Detecting threats before they affect food security.

Crops – 2009

• Today’s crop solutions were yesterday’s challenges.
• Managing through market-assisted breeding
• Managing through biotechnology
• Crops for Specific value-added use P
• Managing through seed genetics P
• Managing through measurement P
• Managing through biology

Water – 2008

• Every choice you make has a ripple effect.
• Drinking Water & Wastewater P
• Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)
• Soil Moisture & Water Use Monitoring T, P
• Conservation Buffers P
• Groundwater Flow
• National Drought Mitigation Center
• The Water Center