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University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension publications offer research-based, peer-reviewed objective information in a wide range of topics. Written by specialists and educators in UNL's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, publication topics range from crop production to flower gardening and from managing your wildlife to managing your finances and communicating with your teenager.

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Publications are available in standard Web format as well as a printer-friendly PDF format. (To view PDFs download a free Adobe PDF Reader.)

Many publications are also available for purchase in print from the UNL MarketPlace. Check under Extension Publications.

Interactive Publications

OnfarmGrower's Guide to On-Farm Research

This interactive, on-line guide includes information, videos, and a worksheet to help you design and conduct research trials on your farm. Study how new products or practices could affect your operation before adopting them on a larger scale. Learn how to design and plant replicated research plots and how to harvest them to get the most reliable information. Developed by UNL Extension's Nebraska On-Farm Research program, this guide offers practical information for on-farm use.

MicrowaveitSave Time - Microwave It! 

Need a quick meal?  Most kitchens have a microwave oven, but the microwave is not used to all of its potential.  Explore how to use your microwave oven for quick, easy and safe meal ideas. This interactive digital PDF magazine is packed full of videos, pop-ups and URLs to other resources.

Microwave It Magazine  More information at food.unl.edu

SkunksDealing with Skunks

This interactive publication describes the most common skunks found in Nebraska, how to remove them, and how to prevent and manage the damage they can cause. A video explains how to release a trapped skunk without getting sprayed.

RainGardenIPubRain Garden Design Site and Selection Guide

Rain gardens are a functional and aesthetically  pleasing landscape feature that can decrease stormwater runoff in urban areas. This interactive publication provides basic information before constructing a rain garden.

Rain Garden Design Site and Selection Guide

Managing Bed Bugs Managing Bed Bugs

This interactive publication describes how to avoid bed bugs and what to do if you get them. Videos show how to inspect a bed for bed bugs, how to build your own monitoring trap, when to hire a bed-bug sniffing dog, and how to prevent bed bug bites. 

Managing Bed Bugs Interactive Pub

BatszmagAre Bats Driving you Batty?

Whether you're concerned about bats on your property or just curious about these fascinating creatures, you'll learn helpful facts in a fun way with the new guide, Bats in and Around Structures (Z1667). This interactive pdf includes links to websites and more detailed information.   More...

AgriTourism Online Marketing AgriTourism Online

Today, agritourism – where tourism and agriculture intersect – represents one of the fastest growing segments in the tourism industry. The growth is driven by individuals with diverse desires of seeking to understand the where and why of their food supply; wishing to experience the quiet countryside; or wanting to actively explore nature and rural life. The material in Marketing Agritourism Online: is designed to help you, the agribusiness owner, understand and plan for: Being Online, Getting Found, Staying Found, Telling Others and Accessing Resources. 

Join the Revolution Make a Difference -- Join the Revolution of Responsibility!

Nebraska 4-H has a promising future grounded with strong roots. Over the past 100 years, Nebraska has developed one of the most inclusive programs in the nation, reaching 1 in 3 youth in the state. Become a part of the Nebraska 4-H Revolution and make a difference by viewing the 4-H in Nebraska Interactive Magazine!


GEAR-Tech-21 teaches robotics, GPS, and GIS technologies through building and programming a robot, navigation, and mapmaking activities. We help you with step-by-step guides and resources. It's real learning with real adventures! Your club can even compete in virtual competitions with teams located across the country. GEAR-Tech-21 is based on the Nebraska Robotics and GPS/GIS in 4-H: Workforce Skills for the 21st Century program and is funded by the National Science Foundation.  More information at....

Direct Food MarketingDirect Marketing Food Specialty Products

Here's a new tool for value-added producers who are interested in online marketing of their specialty food products. Flip through the Direct Marketing Food Specialty Products 52-page online tutorial to get great ideas, hear vides clips from successful producers, and learn how to better market your products. Chances are you already know many of these successful producers.  More information at....

GartersnakeszmagGarter Snakes in and Around the Home

Garter snakes are common in urban gardens and residential areas across Nebraska. In many regions, they are more abundant in urban and suburban yards than wild areas. Four species of garter snakes reside in Nebraska. A rule of thumb is that any snake with a line running down its body length mid-center and/or on each side is a garter snake found in Nebraska. This publication discusses their diet, reproduction, growth, habitat, and what to do when they get into your home.




Mobile Apps

Put the power of UNL research information at your fingertips with Extension mobile apps.

NUBeef-BCS – visually assess your cow herd and nutrition program using a number system that describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of the cow. Purchase and download from Google Play and Apple App iStore

NU Beef Anatomy – visual and text information about the muscles and bones of the beef carcass. Navigate through the carcass by displaying cross-sections and then touch any muscle or bone to display the respective physical and chemical properties. Purchase and download from Google Play and Apple App iStore.

U R Parent – Information for parents in the first year of your child's life. This app is geared to the specific age of your baby. This app also features a baby book for the busy on-the-go parents. Download the free app from Google Play and Apple App iStore.

Market Journal – Award-winning television show available for iPhone and iPad. Includes segment clips from the weekly show as well as end-of-day futures prices, Nebraska daily elevator prices, local weather, and news from various agricultural sources. Download the free app from Apple App iStore.

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