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Keeping Up is a biweekly University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension newsletter for faculty and staff to communicate information amongst themselves. At this time, we have both e-mail and this web-based version.

Below are a few weekly items that are available electronically. They include:

Policy Brief

We will periodically mail new publications such as NebGuides as well as annual and semi-annual reports that are received.  These mailings are monthly depending on timeliness and value of materials.

Current Issues of Keeping Up

No. 3078 -- March 27, 2014
No. 3077 -- March 13, 2014
No. 3076 -- February 27, 2014
No. 3075 -- February 13, 2014
No. 3074 -- January 31, 2014
No. 3073 -- January 16, 2014


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