Designing in Microsoft 2007

Creating Shortcuts in Microsoft 2007: Complying With the UNL Design Standards Toolbox and 4-H Name and Emblem Guidelines
Creating shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2007 explains how to set up Microsoft 2007 on your computer, so that the correct fonts, colors, and the en dash can be used more easily without having to manually insert the right information in each document. To make this easier for you, download the UNL 4-H Theme file below.

UNL 4H Theme
"Download the UNL4HTheme.thmx file to your computer, and in a new Microsoft Word document, click on the Page Layout tab and in the Themes group (left side), click on the Themes button. Then click on Browse for Themes and locate the UNL4HTheme.thmx file. By uploading this file you will create a new theme that contains the appropriate UNL 4-H fonts and colors. From this point on, when creating a new document, select this custom theme by clicking on the Page Layout tab, and in the Themes group (left side), click on Custom, and the correct fonts and colors will appear."

UNL Extension 4-H Toolbox Standards Checklists
Currently on the 4-H site, there are two checklists -- one for traditional print materials and one for non-traditional print materials  that have been reviewed and approved.  We encourage you to look these over before creating your printed materials.


Available Templates

NOTE: You may have to adjust the template size to print through your office printers, especially when using the brochure template. We can't know how each printer is set up or how it will feed paper through. The UNL and IANR logos are already larger than they need to be so if you need to reduce the size you can do so. We recommend that you do not go less than 90%. The UNL logo can't be less than 1 inch in width and the IANR logo can'b be less than 5/8 inch in height. Just measure as you go.

NOTE: For WORD Template on only the first page, following pages without template look:
Click onto the pre-made template, this will bring you into the header and footer. Click on the image so it is selected and COPY it. Go to the toolbar in the header and footer, click the icon that says "Different First Page" when you scroll over it. Then paste the image back into page one, while still in header and footer. Close the header and footer toolbar. There should be no images on any other pages. If, so since you have the "Different First Page" icon activated, you can simply go into the other pages and delete the image.