The above Extension Merchandise Graphic should be used on all fabric-type merchandise such as shirts, polos, sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, caps, tote bags, scarves, blankets, etc. ordered for faculty and staff use. NO EDITS TO THE DESIGN ARE ACCEPTABLE.

Designs for shirts or other clothing items ordered for volunteers or youth are not restricted to these guidelines. However, you can use this design on items for volunteers if you wish to do so.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln has identified a color palette that helps in the branding of our institution. Shirts ordered should be contained within the color palette: red, white, black, light gray, light cream or ivory (Note: some colors are not available in all styles.) Other shirts (i.e. oxfords) can be purchased in the same color palette plus denim. Logos printed on red apparel are to be all black text with a green clover. Logos printed on black apparel are to be all white text with a green clover.

If you have questions about graphics for clothing or other merchandize contact Renee Lanik, Graphic Design Specialist at CIT ( or 402-472-2860.

Below is a UNL approved vendor and information for ordering clothing items.  If you use another vendor of your choice you will need to get approval from UNL before they will be allowed to use the approved UNL Extension graphic logo.

 Rixstine Logo




You can order any item in their apparel catalog as log as it follows the above color pallet. Rixstine uses the approved Extension logo.

Rixstine Recognition Web Site

To order On-line:

To order by Phone:

Rixstine contact for Ordering and Questions:
Fax: 402-476-0968


NOTE:  Embroidering price is $7.50, per shirt bought out of Rixstine's apparel catalog……any shirts brought into us will be $7.50 price, but will also have a $10 set up per order (the key here would be to bring in as many shirts as possible at one time to cut down on costs).